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Could You Benefit From Surfaced Hardwoods?

Traditionally in the hardwood lumber industry, kiln dried hardwood lumber has been sold rough. However, we have seen an increasing number of customers to prefer to receive their hardwood lumber to be surfaced directly at the mill.

There are a few reasons for this. Sometimes, it may even expose defects, such as checking, stain, etc., in boards that would often go unnoticed when shipped rough sawn. It could also be of benefit to customers that would like to have a better idea of the unique characteristics and grain pattern on individual pieces of lumber. It could be as simple as that it is a better fit in their manufacturing process. DSC1838 Medium

Money savings can also be a big motivator in this decision. Surfaced lumber can save manufactures on labor costs. By saving them the step of planing each board at their own facility, it allows manufactures to save them both time and money. This gives businesses to eliminate that step so they can focus on other important needs.  We have even seen customers request their lumber to be surfaced their because it provides a slight freight savings due to lower the shipping weight.

The process of surfacing lumber planes each board to a smooth and uniform thickness. With that being the case, we often get requests for lumber to be surfaced two sides or also known as S2S. In the hardwood lumber industry, this is often known as “hit-and-miss.” For example, This means surfacing the boards to thickness such as 15/16” for 4/4 hardwood boards. When boards are surfaced to 15/16” this allows some sections to be surfaced, or dressed, and others may still slightly rough.

At Baillie, we are happy to provide surfaced and ripped lumber to our customers upon request. If you order your lumber surfaced or are interested in seeing if this service would be of benefit to your business, let us know. We would be happy to help!

Brett Del Prince
Baillie Lumber
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