Caribbean Walnut (Tzalam) “Lysiloma spp.”

Caribbean Walnut (Tzalam) may not be the most known species of hardwood in the United States and Canadian markets, but it is something you will see all over Central America, it’s native area.

The color of Tzalam is naturally brown, so no need for steaming here. Something that can really catch your eye about Tzalam is that it also has some color play to it, with a medium brown heartwood with dark striping that makes it a really visually attractive material for many different uses.  IMG 2946

With great workability you will often find Caribbean Walnut used for hardwood flooring, decking, furniture, millwork and lots of other uses, both interior and exterior. 

We are stocking Tzalam in 4/4”, 5/4”, 6/4” and 8/4”, so all of those difficult to source jobs are welcome in this specie, we have it all.  

Have any questions about Caribbean Walnut (Tzalam) or any of the other tropical species we offer? Let us know how we can get you the tropical hardwoods that you need!

Jesper Bach
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