What Walnut Items Have Seen the Most Demand?

Black Walnut is one of the most beautiful, and most popular, of the North American hardwood lumber species. As we mentioned before, designers and architects have been asking for Walnut not only for the rich, natural beauty it provides, but it also has fantastic working properties. This makes Walnut an excellent choice for both workability and visual appeal. 

With this in mind, given the cost of Walnut lumber, it only makes sense for customers to get the most for their money. Here are what items we have seen customers have interest in lately. DSC3392

Color Sorts. As the demand for Walnut has grown, we have found that some of the most coveted Walnut items are special sorts. Sorts such as heartwood sorts are 90/50 and 90/70 Walnut give customers a idea of what to expect on the face of each side of the board due to the color difference between the heartwood and sapwood of Walnut lumber. Sorts like these are commonly requested by cabinet makers and moulding manufacturers where color is of upmost importance. Distributors of hardwood lumber also stock these products because they offer great turn around due to the popularity of the Walnut species.

Oak Rule Graded Walnut. Something that we have also seen increased interest is Walnut graded on Oak rules. The reason for this is that the standard for grading Oak is stricter than the standard for grading Walnut in terms of usable fiber. For this reason, Walnut graded on Oak rules provides better yields than standard industry grades.

Walnut Strips. Walnut strips are an excellent choice for flooring manufacturers. An example of this is our 4/4 Prime Walnut strips. Typically, the wider width sorts such as 6” through 9” are regularly in high demand with the wide plank flooring manufacturers. 

Even some of the narrower width sorts, such as 4” and 5” Walnut, seem to move well with flooring manufactures who produce strip flooring.  That’s because manufacturers who order width sorted Walnut are usually looking to benefit from reducing waste and increasing their lumber yields. Width sorted Walnut is not just for flooring manufacturers. We are seeing cabinet makers, window and door manufacturers and even an increasing about of houseware or wooden specialty item manufacturers looking for Walnut strips.

Other Walnut Items. While these products have seen some of the most interest there are other products that customers have found a lot of value in as well. Items such as Live sawn, Clear 1 face, or even Rustic Walnut items have their niche as well, especially in the design industry due the character and unique appeal they provide.

If you are a manufacturer that uses Walnut for your production, it might be worth considering ordering in specific sorts which allow you to improve lumber usage and yield. It is important to work with a supplier that can provide you with the sorts you need and has the ability to replicate that item on a consistent basis, or even able to customize the offering to your specific needs.

In addition to these items, we have also made some upgrades to our 4/4 Prime Walnut from our Leitchfield, KY facility. With tighter wane restrictions, improved drying, wider widths, and even & consistent steaming, it truly is a fantastic product. Check out a photo set here to see more.

So if you are looking for Walnut or any other specie of hardwood lumber, reach out or give us a call, we are happy to help you get the lumber you need! 

Brett Del Prince
Baillie Lumber
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