Caribbean Rosewood (Chechen) “Metopium brownei”

True Rosewoods (Dalbergia) and also African Rosewood (Bubinga) are all listed on CITES (Convention for Internationally Traded Endangered Species) in order to monitor the volumes being traded worldwide. A lot of the Dalbergia species are used for musical instruments around the world.

While Bubinga is a very sought after species in China, there are a lot of issues involving these species due to the demand. IMG 0708 Medium

Caribbean Rosewood is a great substitute, and most importantly not endangered.  It is also available in decent volumes. Caribbean Rosewood is known as a colorful tropical hardwood with a lot of texture. The colors can vary from yellow, brown, reddish with black striping, much like another substitute Morado “Pau Ferro.” However, the benefit of Caribbean Rosewood is that it is usually cheaper, has greater availability and more desirable lengths and widths.   

Often used in the creation of flooring, millwork, cabinets, and decorative items, the Caribbean Rosewood that we offer at Baillie originates from Mexico where the harvesting is closely monitored by the government. Because of this we make multiple annual visits to ensure the legality of the product.  

If you are interested in using Caribbean Rosewood in your production, we keep stock in 4/4” lumber KD in Cove City, NC. Other sizes can be available upon request.  

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