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How to Stay Productive During Business Travel

Maintaining productivity is a priority for virtually everyone in the business sector. During times of travel, however, that priority sometimes gets lost in the in the shuffle of flights, cab (or Uber) rides, hotel reservations, and a sense of disorientation common to the business traveler. At times like these, productivity suffers.

Learning to better adapt to travel conditions and to stay focused on what needs to be done can help even the worst business traveler improve his or her level of productivity. Here are some tips to achieve this goal: DSC3934

Look at travel as another part of the work-day. “Work” and “travel” don’t necessarily have to be placed in two different categories. Adopting a different attitude can make a significant difference in how much you get done as part of your travel experience.

“If you limit work to your physical office, then travel is going to severely affect your productivity,” notes Business2Community. Change your attitude to seeing how “you can continue your work rhythm throughout travel.”

Plan ahead. Aside from the logistics involved in any travel situation, take time to plan in detail how you will stay productive throughout your time away from the office. Add every meeting and event to your calendar ahead of time, so you have a better sense of where there might be “openings” to get additional work done.

By ensuring that all of your lodging and transportation arrangements are made in advance, you can reduce the potential for mishaps (and additional stress) and stay focused on work you need to do.

Delegate wisely. We’ve written numerous times on the importance of delegating to your team whenever possible. Nowhere is this more crucial than during times when you’re physically away from the office, and possibly out of touch for extended periods of time.

Name an individual to serve as the team’s emergency contact, so any operational issues that arise during your absence can be handled without your personal involvement.

Pay attention to your health. Travel inevitably causes disruption in a person’s everyday routine. When that disruption affects your health, it can become a serious issue.

Being proactive about planning to exercise, eat right and get the right amount of sleep should always factor into your travel arrangements. CNN suggests, for example, that you “adjust the time on your watch and/or hone before take-off, so you have already mentally adapted to the time zone of a new destination upon arrival.” 

Incorporate the right apps as part of your travel experience. Technology available today can dramatically reduce the stress and disorientation business travelers once had to go through. Learn about apps that can automate differing aspects of your job (everything from managing email and social media postings to scheduling conference calls), as well as apps that serve to remind you about exercise, sleep patterns, finding good places to eat, and so on.

For many of us, business travel is a fact of life. And the hardwood lumber industry is no exception. 

Whether it is meeting with current customers to build relationships, visiting sawmills to look at green or kiln dried lumber, or even venturing out to try and secure new business. With a little planning and assistance we can maximize the time and energy involved, and come away refreshed and happy with the results.

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Baillie Lumber
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