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Canarywood "Centrolobium spp"

Canarywood, is a uniquely colored hardwood, very much like the birds. While heartwood color can vary, the colors range from a pale yellow-orange to a darker reddish brown with some darker streaks as well. It truly is a gorgeous wood. Overtime the color tends to darken and become more uniform with age.

In addition to color, Canarywood also has a reputation of being a great species to work with. The grain is typically straight and uniform, and can be easily worked by hand or machine tools. It even glues and finishes well.  cnaarwood

These days, Canarywood trees are not as large and neither is the product produced. Typically, Canarywood lumber comes in 3” & wider and 3’ & longer material which we import.  At times lumber lengths reach up to 10’. We are only stocking Canarywood in 4/4” thickness.  

The product originates from Bolivia and can be used for flooring, veneers, furniture, cabinetry as well as turned items and musical instruments. Availability is quite limited, while we do aim for it to be a regular item on our stock list it is not always available.  

Have any questions about Canarywood or interested in using it in your production? Let us know. We are happy to help!

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