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A Few Tips for an Effective Reputation Management Plan

Do you have a good sense of how your business is perceived online? When your business emerges as a topic of conversation on Facebook or employees share their impressions of the workplace online, the quality of your brand is always at stake.

You can adopt a “hands-off” policy and let the social media chips fall where they may. Or you can take a proactive approach to reputation management and help ensure that customers and others on social media maintain a favorable perception of your company.

Here at Baillie Lumber, we are actively involved in generating informative content (much like the blog post you’re reading now) and staying on top of what’s happening online. We take the quality of our reputation very seriously, following many of the strategies listed here. Your business could benefit by doing the same. DSC2555

Know what’s being said about your business online. Have you recently Googled the name of your business to see what’s out there, good or bad? Google’s algorithm “often favors negative press” notes Business2Community, “which naturally puts any individual or company at a severe disadvantage.”

To stay on top of developments, seek out keyword monitoring resources like Google Alert that advise you whenever the name of your business crops up online.

Set aside resources for reputation management. Your business already has a marketing budget, but are funds allocated to protect your reputation in the event of a public relations crisis? By regular posting exciting updates on your website and on social media in general, you build up a compendium of favorable content that viewers will encounter when they enter your brand name in their search engines. Funding for this ongoing effort—as well as the steady production of blog posts, press releases, upbeat images and videos, etc.—is money well-spent, in a time of crisis.

Make sure your social media accounts actively support your cause. By “cause,” of course, we mean maintaining strong and favorable brand awareness. Many people will check out your social media accounts, should your brand come to their attention. Be active in regularly posting news and linking to valuable content that draws viewers back to your company’s website.

Just as importantly, pay close attention to your social media pages. Have someone well-versed in social media post plenty of images and videos depicting an active, upbeat business. And work on continually expanding the number of followers you have.

If and when a negative review pops up on your social media platform, resist the urge to delete it because this looks like you’re trying to evade unflattering comments. Do your best to respond to complaints or inquiries within 24 hours, if possible, thus demonstrating a willingness to engage with your customers. 

Finally, get your team involved in promoting your brand online. Offer valuable content they can post on their own platforms, such as posting about the latest blog post or articles published about your company in the media. This has proved effective in highlighting careers in our industry, as well as the introduction of new hardwood lumber products. The same approach can work for you business too! 

Do you have a reputation management plan for your business? If so, we would love to hear some tips on what you do to help manage your online reputation.

Brett Del Prince
Baillie Lumber
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