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How to Show Gratitude to Your Loyal Customers

Some businesses still believe that providing quality products or services is sufficient to instill loyalty in customers. To some extent, this is true—you can’t offer inferior products or services and expect repeat business—but many organizations understand that loyalty is something you cultivate over time, continuously, and with a deep sense of gratitude to those customers.

There are plenty of reasons to show appreciation, including higher customer retention rates, greater sales, and enhanced brand awareness. Perhaps of most benefit is that “customers who feel appreciated are much more likely to give you the benefit of the doubt in situations where you fail to meet expectations,” as Small Business Trends notes. These customers will “give you a second chance (as opposed to immediately going to your closest competitor).” DSC2580 Medium

Here are a few thoughts that might help you express your customer appreciation:

Connect customers with others in your network. You probably know of businesses that would benefit from your customers’ goods or services. Making the effort to connect them demonstrates your value to them as a trusted resource.

Keep customers informed of upgrades and other changes in your business. Customers welcome news of product upgrades and other developments in your organization, particularly as they might favorably affect them. We do this typically when announcing a new proprietary grade of lumber like our, Superprime White Oak, or an upgrade of kilns, dry lines, automated banders, etc. at one of our facilities.Through blog posts, newsletters, video and other venues, stay in touch with customers and share news that has some bearing on how they conduct business.

Get involved with the customer. Digital marketing specialist Jay Scheer offers some tangible advice on demonstrating customer appreciation, like spending time together in an informal setting buidling and strengthening your relationship with the customer and “communicating how much you care.”  Why go to all this effort? Because, Scheer writes, “an emphasis on customer retention can make a big impact on your bottom line.”

Business is all about relationships—building new ones and enriching those that already exist. A demonstration of gratitude is a key element of sustaining relationships that benefit everyone involved and can lead to new sales opportunities through referrals and word-of-mouth recommendations. Never find yourself taking a customer for granted. Look for opportunities to make him or her feel appreciated and a crucial part of your strategy for long-term growth.

How do you show appreciation to your valued customers? If you have any thoughts we would love to hear them!

Brett Del Prince
Baillie Lumber
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