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The Difference Between Industrial & Grade Hardwood Lumber

One of the most truly remarkable aspects of the hardwood lumber industry is its ability to get the maximum amount of use or value out of a log. Throughout the sawing process as the log gets turned into individual boards the by-products created like hardwood chips, sawdust etc. all find a use one way or another. Nothing goes to waste.  

Many sawmills place an emphasis on producing as much grade lumber as they can. The most valuable parts of the log are manufactured into what is known as “grade lumber” through the sawing process. This provides the sawmill with the greatest return on investment. It uses standard industry grading categories like FAS, F1F, Select and Better, 1 Common, 2 Common, 3 Common. These grades signify the amount of usable clear cuttings within each board, free of knots, wane, and other defects. DSC2398

Typically, grade lumber is what one would typically find used in the creation of furniture, cabinetry, specialty woodwork items such as cutting boards or bowls, and of course hardwood flooring. The items that surround us every day.

On the other hand, industrial hardwoods are what is made from the remainder of the log that cannot be sawn into usable grade lumber. However, just because it cannot be sawn into grade lumber, it is still a product that sees a lot of use and attention. There is no doubt you have seen railroad ties at some point, that is just one of the many uses for industrial hardwood lumber or cants. These industrial hardwoods are also used for hardwood pallets, timber mats, and board road.

Usually, these products are of lower value per board foot than graded lumber. But it is important for a sawmill to find customers in the market that desire industrial hardwoods so they can maximize as much value out of a log as possible.

The hardwood lumber industry is continually evolving. With different hardwood lumber grades, products, and sorts being introduced it is important to get the hardwood lumber that best fits your use.

Whether that be industrial grade hardwoods or grade hardwood lumber, it is our job to match our customer's needs with what we produce.

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