Using Hickory to Stand Out

Hickory is a commonly known and very popular North American hardwood specie. Found throughout the forests in the eastern United States it has been used in a variety of hardwood products. In fact, before the development of composite materials, Hickory was one of the most sought-after materials for baseball bats, golf club shafts, tennis rackets, and skis. However, today we find Hickory to be more commonly used for tool handles due to its very heavy, hard and strong characteristics which make it great for tools.

While Hickory certainly has its place in the tool manufacturing industry, where else can you find Hickory being used? While it may not be the first specie that comes to mind when thinking of hardwood flooring or cabinetry, Hickory certainly has its place in those industries. Its durability and hardness work Nat Hickory App gr 3039 2Wexceptionally well in those type of applications and many times its natural and rustic characteristics make it a very popular choice with designers. Rustic grade Hickory is usually described as lumber with all of its natural characteristics.  It includes structurally sound tight knots, color variation, and a general natural appeal.

In terms of color, the lighter and darker contrasting shades of its heartwood and sapwood give Hickory lumber a unique “calico” effect. Typically, this means that a board of Hickory lumber has a varying amount of heartwood and sapwood on each face of the board. This effect makes for a unique appeal which many times is used for home products that want to make a statement or be used as conversation pieces.

Have you considered using Hickory on your next cabinet or flooring project? With all Hickory has to offer, you will not be disappointed. It may even be worth exploring calico or rustic grade Hickory lumber to make your product really stand out.

We commonly stock Hickory in 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, and 8/4 thicknesses. As always, if you would like some help with Hickory lumber let us know!

Brett Del Prince
Baillie Lumber
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