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Exciting Visit to Myanmar for Burmese Teak

Written by Jesper Bach

We recently made a visit to Myanmar to address the situation surrounding Burmese Teak and the traceability of the logs from there after the log ban was lifted in March of 2017. The government is working hard to supply verifiably legal timber to the international market in the wake of the ban being lifted.

IMG 56111Myanmar Timber Enterprise (MTE) is a state-run company which is in control of all the logging today in Myanmar without the use of any contractors. The lumber from MTE has all been verified, and that is what we are sourcing and again importing for the US market. MONREC (Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation) is also working to implement systems to ensure the legality of the lumber, and though there is still competition from illegal logging, the situation is improving. The illegal lumber is still a problem and is most likely shipping (being smuggled) to countries that have no policies in place regarding legality.

While there, we were shown all of the available information, TLAS (Myanmar Timber Legality Assurance System) and the Due Diligence Assessment reports for our vendor as well, full sets of legal documents will accompany each container we import as well.

IMG 5634We are excited to be stocking true Burmese Teak again. Starting with 4/4”, 6/4” and 8/4” thickness, 5/4” and thicker sizes would be available upon request. Vertical Grain (VG) and Quartersawn (QS) Teak will be available as well down the road and is primarily used in the boating industry. 

If you are working with Teak or looking to work with teak, please reach out to our sales team with your requirements. The first 2 containers of Teak are due to arrive to us at the end of 2018, so it will be early next year before we will have the product kiln dried and prepared for sale. 

Jesper Bach
Baillie Lumber Co.
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