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How your width sort is tallied makes a difference

Veterans in the hardwood lumber industry know that not all width sorts are the same.  But those newer to the industry might not understand how subtle differences to the way a hardwood supplier sorts and packages a width sorted product could impact the value of a load of hardwood lumber.

Width sorting lumber is a common practice.  We see width sorts across all species and grades. The idea is to provide manufactures with bundles of lumber that are less random so they can improve their lumber yields during manufacturing.

Within our hardwood lumber industry you can find width sorts measured in different ways. Some are sorted on the full inch, some on the half inch, as well as standard NHLA measure such as 4.5”-5.5”, measured as a 5.0”.

The key for a buyer is to fully understand the sort, how it is tallied and the typical percentage of boards over or under the tally criteria.

For example, a width sort that is put up as 5.5” to 6.5” and tallied as a 6” bundle is much different than a bundle that is put up 6” to 7” and tallied as a 6”.  Here’s why. For any boards measuring greater than 6.5” you are receiving more usable fiber. You are getting the opportunity to improve your hardwood lumber yields. When you deal with a half inch sort span tallied at the midpoint, in this case 6” you are taking the average into effect and that can work for or against you.

At Baillie Lumber, we provide various width sorting options depending on the product.  Prime walnut strips, rustic hickory and rustic white oak are just a few popular hardwood products we provide width sorted.  Specifically, for rustic white oak products we offer width sorts in full width increments that include:width sorted hardwoods

  • 5”-5.99”
  • 6”-6.99”
  • 7”-7.99”
  • 8”-8.99”
  • 9”-9.99
  • 10” and wider

If you prefer width sorted hardwood lumber, or even ripped-to-width lumber, let us know. Perhaps we can help you improve your yields!

Tony Cimorelli
Baillie Lumber
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