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Pallet lumber, cants, railroad ties and board road are all important to a hardwood sawmill

In the hardwood lumber industry is seems we are always talking about grade lumber. FAS, 1 Common, 2 Common are typical customer requests across the various species.  That makes sense because the most valuable parts of a hardwood log, the parts that produce the highest return on investment for a mill, are what is used to create grade lumber.

low gradeHowever, it is important for us to remember that approximately 30 to 40% of a hardwood log a sawmill works with results in the creation of low grade lumber.  This low grade lumber, sometimes referred to as industrial hardwoods, (pallet lumber, cants, railroad ties and board road), are hardwood products that a hardwood sawmill manufacturers on a regular basis.

Industrial grade hardwood lumber products are typically what is produced from the center of the log.  The wood in this area of a log is generally found to have a higher percentage of defects, less clear cuttings and in general is less desirable for finished products such as cabinets and fine furniture. However, when used in the proper application they are excellent products. 

In Baillie Lumber’s sawmills various industrial grade products are manufactured on a regular basis.  Pallet lumber, both green and kiln dried, is typically sold to customers in close proximity to the mill.  Cross ties and railroad ties are produced in various different species and are typically accumulated and distributed to specific customers on a program basis.  Board road and timber mats are mostly distributed in mixed hardwood lots and are manufactured in our Donalds, South Carolina facility due to the natural longer lengths available in the hardwood logs in that region. Some of our sawmills even put up a framestock product in various species that is commonly requested for upholstered furniture or select rustic applications.

Recently, inquiries for industrial grade lumber, and even architectural timbers seem to be on the rise.  If you are looking to find a new, or additional suppliers for these type of products visit our website or contact us today. We would be happy to share with you how we might be able to help.

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