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Keeping Up with Changes in Technology

We all know advancements in technology never stop. It is hard to go even a single day without being informed of a new software upgrade, a new program, APP, or system that is bigger, faster and better than what you currently have. It is also hard to keep up.

Understanding what is the right technology for your business and implementing it in the right way can result in a competitive advantage. That’s why business leaders need to be aware of technological trends and uses. Successful leaders find ways to harness the power of technology and control it instead of allowing it to become a distraction to their team.  They adapt to changes in technology and adopt new tools and practices that help them compete more effectively.  In general, successful leaders find ways to use technology, internally and externally, to process information faster, communicate better and make better decisions. 

phone technology forest 83424458 m1If you are considering improving in this area here are five practical best practices we collected from polling several of our Baillie Lumber sawmill, lumber trader and concentration yard leaders. Maybe some of them will work for you.

Tips to improve how you keep up with technology change:

  • Never stop learning. Be observant and watch how others are using computers, smartphones and tablets. Subscribe to technology magazines. Ask people in your professional network what their organizations are doing in the realm of technology. Do what you can to stay current on the trends, future roadmaps and anything else in the area of technology that might be able to make you better
  • Value diversity in thinking. Look to others to help you expand your perspectives. That can be people that are diverse to you in opinions, age, gender or whatever.  Think of each relationship you have, each encounter you make, as a way to find out how others use technology and look for ways you can learn from them.
  • Embrace change as an opportunity to improve.  Change for change sake it not typically useful. But change to improve as a person or an organization can be. People don’t usually like change, but successful leaders find ways to embrace the idea of change and leverage it to gain efficiencies. Look for, and champion, these types of technological efforts.
  • Be courageous and take risks.  Try new ways of doing things. Even if you have a successful, proven, time tested way of doing something still try new technologies and see what you can benefit from. Be creative and think out of the box to see if there is any application for this new way of doing things that will make you, or your team more competitive or effective.
  • Have fun. Approach this with a sense of adventure and have some fun with it. Treat this as a challenge to find a better personal balance that works for you!

What other considerations would you suggest? Let us know!

Tony Cimorelli
Baillie Lumber
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