5 reasons to consider SLR2E Hardwood Lumber

Most companies that use hardwood lumber to manufacture their products order bundles with standard random widths and lengths. Some work with their hardwood lumber suppliers to develop special width or length sorts that work better with their manufacturing process. Other will request specific SLR2E widths to supplement their own ripping operation or as the sole lumber they order in to feed directly into their moulders.

What we find are the customers that request SLR2E hardwood ripping products are usually buying ripped blanks to manufacturer specific cabinet parts, face frame, mouldings, custom flooring and even certain S4S products. And when we ask why they prefer to order hardwood rips they answer with one of these five reasons.

rips and peopleWhy manufacturers order SLR2E Hardwood Rips:

  • It is a way to receive more usable lumber per load.
  • It enables companies to save on freight costs.
  • Hardwood rips reduce the amount of waste produced & help decrease waste removal costs.
  • Using hardwood rips means tying up less storage space with unusable lumber parts.
  • Hardwood rips reduce the need for employees to re-handle and sort lumber saving on labor costs.

At Baillie we work with manufacturers to develop hardwood solutions specific to your business requirements. We’ll develop bundles of lumber with just the characteristics you define or built around a specific product of the grade if that is you require. We currently have active hardwood ripping programs in species such as hard maple, red oak, white oak and poplar.  Plus we always entertain developing new programs around other species readily available in our three ripping locations. So let us know what works for you. We would love to hear from you!

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