Is Rustic Grade Hickory Making a Comeback?

In recent years, rustic grade hardwood lumber has consistently been a popular request. We regularly receive inquiries for rustic white oak, cherry and even walnut. But recently requests for rustic hickory have been on the rise.

rustic hickoryRustic grade lumber is usually described as lumber with all of its natural characteristics.  It includes structurally sound tight knots, color variation, and a general natural appeal. We find it is commonly used in many cabinetry and flooring applications.

We believe the recent increase in rustic hickory requests might be mostly due to the interest in rustic hickory flooring. When that is the case, not all rustic grades will do. In our experience, flooring manufacturers require certain specifications and a deeper investigation as to the suppliers description of what rustic is will be important to them.

For example, the rustic hickory we manufacture in our sawmills contains no pith, only allows small defects akin to the size of a pencil eraser and is square edged.  Of course this lumber is available in random widths and lengths but we also provide as sorted strips for customers who need exclusively 6”,7”, 8” or a 9” and wider lumber for their specific applications.

Another key consideration when it comes to rustic lumber is the mix of heartwood and sapwood.  The varying lighter and darker shades of its contrasting heartwood and sapwood give it a very appealing look which many refer to as “calico”.  This creates a very beautiful and unique appeal which often times it turned into real unique home products that can become great conversational pieces!

So if you are looking for a quality rustic hickory item, let us know. Our inventories do vary but we usually have an ample supply in our system and can develop calico loads over time. We would welcome the chance to serve you.

Tony Cimorelli
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