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If you manufacturer with hardwoods we think you should stop paying for unwanted lumber

Now, do not get us wrong, we do believe you should pay for what you order, but are you ordering lumber you can’t use? If so, we might have a solution.

Baillie hardwood lumberTo this day the standard way manufacturers order hardwoods is in bundles of random width and length lumber. Depending on the species, boards can come in a variety of widths from 4” to 12” and wider and in lengths from 6’ to 16’. But in most instances cabinet makers, flooring manufacturers and even furniture companies will choose to produce their products from a preferred board size, with certain characteristics, that optimizes their manufacturing process. The rest of the boards are either resized in an attempt to make them usable or they are put aside in hopes that they will be used for something in the future.

But hardwood lumber does not have to be delivered in random widths, lengths, and color. Today hardwood suppliers can leverage advanced sorting capabilities to gather specific boards, with specific characteristics, and deliver those to a single customer if they have access to a large enough supply of lumber.

When this is done effectively suppliers can help their customers ensure their machine operators do not slow down production to visually inspect if the lumber used is acceptable or not. They can eliminate the need for workers to sort through lumber bundles looking for the certain required pieces for a production run. The can also help prevent the stockpiling of unusable lumber in a customer’s warehouse in the hope that it will be used in the future.

Baillie Lumber has a significant amount of experience in developing custom lumber solutions like this that help our customers maximize their manufacturing process. These custom solutions enable manufacturers to get the most value out of each load of hardwood lumber. Manufactures benefit by:

  • Receiving more usable product
  • Improving employee productivity
  • Increasing their lumber yields
  • Reclaiming more warehouse space in their facility

If you think a custom grade of lumber, a certain sort, or even a special SLR2E product could help your manufacturing process please let us know. We would welcome the chance to explain how we would go about helping you succeed!

Tony Cimorelli
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