How are you ordering your tropical lumber

Baillie Lumber has built a reputation for being a reliable, dependable trustworthy tropical hardwoods supplier.  For years we have been working with reputable lumber companies in Africa, Asia, Central & South America to properly import exotic hardwood species into the United States for our customers.

Typically, we import these species to our Cove City, North Carolina concentration yard to dry, prepare and package for our customers.  In this facility, we have a portfolio of species, thicknesses, grades and lengths available where customers can mix and match and satisfy their lumber inventory needs as required. Ordering tropical hardwoods from our facility also provides more accurate delivery timeframes which is important to many of our customers.

imports loadingHowever, another way we can supply tropical hardwood lumber to our customers is via a direct shipment.  In certain situations, when customers can justify the purchase a full container of one specie and one thickness they could realize some cost savings by allowing us to arrange a direct ship from one of our overseas suppliers.  But a major consideration in doing this is timing. Direct shipments are often subject to delays.

Another major consideration of ordering direct from an overseas supplier is the documented chain of custody and the legality of the lumber.  When you purchase tropical lumber it is critical you know where it originated from, how many times it changed hands and that is was legally harvested. Fortunately, Baillie Lumber can arrange direct shipments of lumber from the same trusted suppliers we buy from all year long.  We work with these suppliers to track the origination of the lumber. If we arrange a direct shipment of lumber for a customer we verify that it can be traced all the way back to the stump in the forest so they can trust that it comes from an honest and reliable supplier that follows all of the of the requirements and provides all of the necessary paperwork.

So whether you are looking to purchase a mixed or partial load from a concentration yard or if you are looking for assistance in arranging a direct shipment, we can be your solution for both.  If you are interested in more information, please let us know. We would love to hear from you!

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Some of the items we can offer as a direct shipment:


4/4” through 8/4”       Sapele                      Kiln Dried and Air Dried

4/4” through 8/4”       African Mahogany     Kiln Dried and Air Dried

4/4” through 8/4”       Sipo                          Kiln Dried and Air Dried

4/4” and 5/4”             Jatoba                       Kiln Dried and Air Dried

4/4” and 5/4”             Tigerwood                 Kiln Dried and Air Dried

4/4” through 8/4”      Ghana Cedar             Kiln Dried only

4/4 x 4/6”                  Ipe Decking

5/4 x 4/6”                  Ipe Decking




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