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Appalachian White Oak Continues to be in Demand

Appalachian white oak has been sought by manufacturers and craftsmen for centuries, and it still is today.  White oak harvested in that region ranging from the foothills of southern New England all the way down to the mountains of Tennessee is world renowned for its strength, durability and consistency. It is widely believed that the unique combination of soil properties, regional climate and overall growing conditions produce the highest quality hardwoods in this area.

white-oak-bundleBaillie Lumber is fortunate to own multiple sawmills and dry kilns in this area, and access to additional supply from several other hardwood reputable producers in the region. This enables us to be a trusted supplier for many customers who require a regular and consistent supply of quality white oak products.  When you combine this with our special sorting capabilities we are also able to help customers by developing proprietary grade white oak products that help them improve their manufacturing efficiencies. 

For example, over the years Baillie Lumber has developed a series of white oak products including a special white oak common grade product that maximizes the usable surface area of each board, a super common product that offers above average widths and most recently a special narrow prime grade that has been well received by hardwood flooring manufactures and cabinet makers in the United States and Europe.  Many of these products are manufactured from lumber from eastern Kentucky and the western Virginia area and processed at our Cove City North Carolina yard which located in close proximity to international shipping ports.

If you are interested in Appalachian white oak lumber, standard industry grades or a proprietary grade, let us know. We would be happy to help in any way we can.

Tony Cimorelli
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