Using Exotic Hardwoods for Solid Hardwood Flooring

Tropical hardwood species have been used to made solid hardwood flooring for decades.  Many times, their colorful unique grain patterns and figure give a room an enhanced level of character, charm and beauty.

tigerwood-hardwood-flooringMany of the species we import are commonly requested by flooring manufacturers.  Some of the most popular species requested include are Jatoba, Tigerwood, Lacewood, Caribbean Rosewood, and Zebrawood.  Besides all of these species having a high Janka rating they also have unique characteristics that are excellent addition to any flooring manufacturer’s product line.

Our customers that use imported lumber to make hardwood flooring lines tell us that one of the most important aspects they need to consider is how safe the material is from which it is made from.  Many of them prefer to deal with solid hardwood flooring so they can easily track the chain of custody from which it is made.  Unlike engineered flooring, where the top veneer and the sub material that it is glued to can be made from totally different lumber sources and from totally different countries, manufacturing with solid hardwood lumber enables them to know the origin of the timber, the specific supplier of the lumber, and obtain documentation as to how it is imported into the United States.   This gives them the confidence that their products will be safe for their customers. There is also no formaldehyde used in manufacturing solid hardwood flooring, obviously, another reason why manufacturers should feel safe producing solid hardwood flooring products.

Baillie Lumber is dedicated to providing our customers the highest-quality, properly harvested hardwood lumber in the world.   We do everything we can to ensure we are doing the due diligence necessary to adhere to the regulations set forth by the industry including the Lacy Act.   Our international buyers have long standing relationships with mills around the world and we only deal with reputable suppliers in Africa, Central and South America when importing tropical species.

If you use imported hardwood lumber for flooring or any other product, consider analyzing how your supplier addresses compliance. Ask the tough questions and let us know if we can help you in any way.

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