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What is the Price You Pay for Hardwood Lumber

 Do you think hardwood lumber is a commodity? We don’t, but many in the industry would say it is.

The reason we would not consider hardwood lumber a commodity item is because we believe there is much more to pricing a hardwood lumber offer than species, grade and thickness.bailliewall

Being that hardwood is a basic raw material for many manufactured products, and the fact that it is produced by hundreds of different sawmills, its availability and pricing is definitely influenced by supply and demand. But the true price you pay for hardwood lumber is more than what the cost of the lumber is. There are other costs to your business that should also be factored in when deciding to purchase hardwood lumber.

For example, what would be the cost to your business if:

    • The supply of lumber you ordered did not arrive on schedule?
    • The lumber you ordered was off grade?
    • Your supplier had no lumber to offer you?
    • You had to deal with inaccurate invoicing or other service issues?
    • The shipment documentation for your order was inaccurate?

From our perspective it is important to consider the overall value you receive from the lumber you order versus just the base price you are quoted. Don’t get me wrong, the price one offers you must be comparable to the going market rate. However, your hardwood lumber supplier should also offer product solutions that help you achieve higher lumber yields, reduced handling charges, easier payment processing, improved delivery times and much, much more. That’s what we mean by receiving a better value for your business.

Additional value in the hardwood lumber industry can be found. It can be found in improved customer service, proprietary hardwood lumber grades, unique custom solutions and more. If you need access to more or better lumber on a regular basis, contact us. Maybe we can help!

Tony Cimorelli
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