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Hardwood Lumber for Wide Plank Flooring

Wide plank flooring has been popular for many years.  As a matter of fact, wide plank flooring is how homes were built years and years ago, and is one way people today try to recapture that "colonial" or "country like" feel in their homes.

4/4 Prime Red oak 12" and widerToday, many flooring manufacturers will use reclaimed barn lumber to create their wide plank flooring, especially if they are going for that rustic look.  However, others will start with new kiln dried lumber and work with their hardwood lumber suppliers to secure the specific lumber that they need.

We serve customers this way predominately by developing a special combination of a proprietary grade and width sorted or ripped to width product that helps them in their manufacturing process.  For example, recently we have been working with flooring manufacturers to develop a special common graded product that starts with a uniformed color selection, includes a defined tight defect specification and is SLR2E to an exact width that works for their manufacturing process.  Usually these widths are requested in 6” or 7”. However, we have also seen customers asking for hardwood lumber like this in widths all the way up to 12”.

We have also done this with other grades such as a rustic grade, a totally clear, (a.k.a Prime Grade), or a special grain pattern like rift and quartered when customers develop products with these type of characteristics.

From our experience, we find that most of our flooring customers are looking for this type of kiln dried lumber in red oak, white oak, hickory, and hard maple.  But we have also seen requests for ash, cherry and walnut.

If manufacturer wide plank flooring and are looking for a supplier you can work with to obtain the hardwood lumber you need when and how you need it, let us know.  We’ll do our best to help!

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