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Is Poplar in Cabinets a Growing Trend?

Poplar is one of the most popular hardwood species used in the industry It is rarely selected as a hardwood of choice for its grain appearance, but rather it is typically used when appearance is not a major concern.

Our typical poplar customers are those making furniture parts, mouldings, plywood or companies using it for industrial timbers.

We find that poplar is rarely used for its appearance.  More times than not it is selected as the hardwood lumber product of choice because of its availability, work-ability and cost effectiveness.44-PR-Poplar-Clendenin

Recently, we have started to receive more inquiries for 4/4 poplar from cabinet manufactures.  In the past we have seen poplar used as the blocks or structural components of cabinetry,  but  recently we have also been receiving requests for random or even special width sorted poplar for use in cabinet door manufacturing.  When you explore what could be potentially causing this you get the sense that the growing trend of painted cabinetry in the kitchen and bath has a lot to do with it.  Just the other day there was another article published highlighting the demand for white, gray and even two tone kitchen cabinet finishes.

It should be noted that poplar might not be the easiest species to work with for cabinet doors.  Most manufacturers would prefer to work with soft maple, alder or even birch. But the price point of poplar could offset the additional prep work needed to make it paint ready for some.

Only time will tell if poplar use will grow in cabinetry.  If it does well be ready.  If you want to know more about poplar, its uses and its availability contact us today. We would be happy to help.

Tony Cimorelli
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