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What Do You Look for in a Hardwood Lumber Supplier?

Those of us involved with the hardwood lumber industry are no different than businesses in other industries.  Besides needing great employees and terrific loyal customers, to be successful we need a team of great suppliers.  Whether it is the company that services your copier after hours, or the printer that helps you create those new brochures at the last minute, great suppliers help us all be more successful. 

So what do hardwood lumber buyers think make for a great supplier? With hundreds of different hardwood lumber suppliers in North America why do they do business with the companies they do business with?   Especially if you assume the lumber being provided and purchased is a quality product that meets industry grading standards and is priced fairly according to the prevailing market rates, what is it that differentiates hardwood lumber suppliers from one another.

From our experience exceptional hardwood lumber suppliers bring characteristics such as the following to the forefront, (in no particular order).hardwood lumber supplier

  • Knowledge – We all know information is power.  And when your suppliers can be a subject matter expert for you or a source of important current industry information it will help you make better decisions for your business.
  • Experience –Change happens every day. When you have a supplier who has navigated the ups and downs of the market and can share with you creative ways to solve issues it could be a competitive advantage.
  • Caring – Suppliers who genuinely care if your company succeeds or not make for great long term business partners.
  • Selection & Supply – When you can call on one supplier and know that they will have all the varieties, versions or permutations you need, (or will find it for you), it helps you be more productive.
  • Hustle – Having someone on your supply team that will work hard to get you what you need when and where you want it will really make a difference.
  • Positive Attitude – When you work with someone that is determined to find the good in a situation and will work hard to meet your needs it makes for a much better experience.
  • Resources – You will need support. Knowing your supplier has a team of professionals behind your day to day contact to help you when the need arises helps you never miss a beat.
  • Transparency – Great relationships are built on honesty and trust. Being open, sharing facts and discussing critical issues often builds bonds that both will benefit from.
  • Ease of Doing Business – Available, accurate, flexible, creative, dependable and responsive are just a few qualities that can make a supplier someone who is easy to do business with.   

Every day we strive to exceed our customers’ expectations in all of these areas.  What other qualities do you think make for a great supplier?  Let us know!

Tony Cimorelli
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