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Top 4 Hardwood Lumber Sort Requests

Those not familiar with the hardwood lumber industry are sometimes surprised that in today’s day and age our products are packaged in various shapes and sizes as the norm.  Different from softwoods like construction grade 2X4s or sheets of plywood, hardwood lumber is typically provided to customers in random lengths and random widths.  That is unless someone asks for a their lumber to be sorted, packaged and delivered in a special way.

Over the years, Baillie Lumber had developed a reputation of helping customers by providing them with special hardwood lumber products sorted into packages that work best for their manufacturing process.  In our opinion, here are the top four hardwood lumber sorts we find to be the most requested.

baillie-bundles-titusvilleWidth sorted hardwood lumber – Width sorts are very popular with flooring manufacturers and window and door manufacturers.  Depending on the species and the application customers can specifically ask for width sorts ranging from 4” to 10” and wider. Sometimes width sorts are arranged in increments such as 5” to 5.5” or 6” to 7”.  Common width sorts vary greatly by species based on the way trees grow, are sawn and are harvested.   

Length sorted hardwood lumber – Length sorts are probably the second most commonly requested sort we see.  Moulding and millwork manufacturers regularly ask for long clear lengths of upper grade lumber.  Length sorts such as 8’-9’ or 11’-12’ or even 14-16’ are frequently requested.  Sometimes a manufacturer will specifically ask for a bundles of lumber at one specific length, (ie: 8’ only).  This can be accommodated but can take a longer time for a supplier to accumulate and prepare.

Color sorted hardwood lumber – Requests for color sorted lumber seem to come and go.  They are driven usually by style and fashion as well as the need to match different sets of inventory procured at different times.  Red oak, cherry and hard maple are species commonly ordered with a color requirement.  90/50 cherry, wheat colored red oak, or #1 & #2 white hard maple are common products provided by many hardwood lumber suppliers.

Premium grade sorts of hardwood lumber –In each hardwood lumber grade there is a range of acceptable characteristics allowed.  Sometimes customers need only a specific part of a hardwood lumber grading spectrum to make their product.  In instances such as this Baillie has been successful developing premium grade sorts of hardwood lumber under our proprietary grade offerings.  Offerings such as Super Prime, Super Common or even Rustic grade hardwood lumber are available in many different species and can be accommodated upon request.

Sorted hardwood lumber usually comes at a price premium, however, by the time you factor in the reduced handling time your employees spend fighting the lumber through your machines or the reduced waste you produce in the manufacturing process it is many times well worth it.

If you have a specific sort of hardwood lumber you need contact us today.  Perhaps we can help!

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