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How Can You Buy Walnut Strips?

Almost any way you want! That’s our typical answer. You just have to work with a dependable hardwood lumber supplier, plan ahead and be patient.

walnut prime stripsHardwood lumber suppliers have been width sorting North American Black Walnut for a long, long time.  Walnut strips are not new.  Typically, the wider width sorts such as 6” through 9” are regularly in high demand with the wide plank flooring manufacturers.  Even some of the narrower width sorts, such as 4” and 5” Walnut, seem to move well with flooring manufactures who produce strip flooring.  That’s because manufacturers who order width sorted Walnut are usually looking to benefit from reducing waste and increasing their lumber yields. In essence, they are looking to get more useable lumber per load than buying a load of random width stock.

But width sorted Walnut is not just for flooring manufacturers. We are seeing cabinet makers, window and door manufacturers and even an increasing about of houseware or wooden specialty item manufacturers looking for Walnut strips.  

And for many of those customers that see value in width sorted Walnut, we find that discussing the potential benefits of SLR2E lumber solutions with them is also of interest.  It seems to be the next evolution or step in continual process improvement and efficiencies that they are looking for. Plus it can sometimes be provided in larger volumes and in quicker intervals depending on the exact specifications.

Baillie Lumber provides Walnut strips in many thicknesses, grades and widths. If you regularly require a specific width sort and could use either more supply options or different variations let us know. We would be happy to try to help.

Tony Cimorelli
Baillie Lumber
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