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Top 5 Tropical Species for Hardwood Flooring

If you manufacturer hardwood flooring, or are a hardwood distributor that serves one, chances are you are probably developing products in many different species.  Oaks, maples, hickory and even walnut are common species we regularly see hardwood flooring made out of.  But from time to time you will see flooring manufactures market flooring made from tropical or exotic species.

Here are five tropical hardwood lumber species we provide that make beautiful flooring.

oc jatoba Jatoba, (aka Brazilian Cherry) -  Jatoba is a striking hardwood.  With a varying color that ranges from reddish brown to blood orange with distinctive dark streaks,  it can bring tremendous appeal to any room.  Jatoba is also an extremely hard species making it quite durable and an excellent choice for flooring.  

oc bloodwoodBloodwood - Color and grain are the key features of hardwood flooring made of Bloodwood.   The color of this species varies from a grayish to pinkish red. The grain is very noticeable and varies from being straight to irregular.  It is also very hard, twice as hard as hard maple, making it a very durable material for flooring.



oc goncaloalvesTigerwood - Vibrant stokes of brown, tan, yellow and orange throughout give Tigerwood its distinct character.  Tigerwood helps accent any room with a striped appeal and it is very popular with many designers and decorators.



oc caribbeanroseCaribbean Rosewood - Caribbean Rosewood gives hardwood flooring a unique look.  It is very colorful and consists of various shades of brown, yellow and red.  It can have an unpredictable wild curly interlocking grain and usually appears to have a natural black stripping effect.



oc zebrawoodZebrawood - With Zebrawood it is all about the color!  Its contrasting dark heartwood and light sapwood give it a visual appeal that is hard to match. It is also one of the harder species, (harder than both red oak and white oak), so it stands up to the wear and take flooring is exposure to very well.



Baillie Lumber does not provide hardwood flooring, but we provide the lumber you need to manufacturer your own.  Our concentration yard in Cove City North Carolina acts as the central shipping location for all of our tropical hardwood lumber species.  We ship in full truckload quantities and if you need to fill out a load with some North American species we can help you plan a mixed load easily.

So next time you are looking at new hardwood flooring products, think about using a tropical hardwood species to round out your product portfolio!

Let us know if we can help in any way!

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