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Top 10 Hardwood Lumber Questions

As we come to the end of another year it is always fun to look back and summarize some of the fun facts into lists as a “2015 year in review”.  So here is a look at the top ten hardwood lumber questions we received other than what were our current inventory levels or pricing on a specific hardwood lumber product.

#10 – What hardwood species do you offer?  I know it a simple question but many people did not know that we can supply all of the major North American hardwood lumber species as well as a full complement of tropical species such as Sapele, Jatoba, African Mahogany, Genuine Mahogany and Spanish Cedar.

#  9 - What percentage of 7/8’ lengths will be included in a random bundle of Ash? The answer is almost always it depends. Random length lumber is generally 7’-16’ lengths and each bundle is unique.  We do accommodate customers special requests for customized length sorts when possible but that usually comes along with a charge for sorting or a premium added to the price per thousand.

#  8 – Do you have precision end trimming capabilities? We do now. One of the enhancements we made in 2015 is the addition of a precision end trimmer in our Smyrna, New York facility.  Mostly requested in conjunction with hardwood moulder blank requests of 84” and 96” lengths, this is an offering we are capable of offering customers when desired.

baillie-bundles-vertical#  7 – Can you provide special walnut sorts? Baillie provides customers with Walnut lumber in many different sorts. Many times these lead to our proprietary grade offerings and are designed specifically with a customer in mind.  Many of our sorts are designed around heartwood specs, clear cuttings, lengths, etc.

#  6 – Do you provide full loads of one specific SLR2E dimension? Yes we do.  Our Hardwood Ripping Division helps customers with all different volumes of hardwood rips depending on their specific needs. We typically ship in full truck load quantities but from time to time will also accommodate a less than truck load shipment if the situation warrants it.

#  5 – Do you export hardwood logs overseas?  Baillie Lumber exports North American hardwood logs all over the world.  Although a large quantity of our shipments are into Southeast Asia and the Greater China region we also export logs into the Middle East, Europe and Canada.

#  4 – Can you supply me with a mixed load of domestic and tropical species? Yes. Many of the Baillie Lumber’s hardwood lumber yards stock domestic and imported species.  Specifically, our Cove City, North Carolina yard is used as our primary warehouse for imported tropical species and also develops a robust inventory of domestic hardwoods as well.

#  3 – Do you offer a special flooring grade of hardwood lumber.  Yes we do. Over the years Baillie has developed a special flooring grade for customers who request it. Most of the time this is requested in either White Oak or Red Oak and is offered as quantities become available.

#  2 – How do you define your Rustic Grade? Baillie offers a Rustic Hardwood Lumber grade in many species including Cherry, Hickory, Hard Maple and White Oak. We categorize our Rustic Grade as lumber that is structurally sound with square edges and is full of character.  It is predominately offered in a 4/4 thickness.

#  1 – Do you supply 4/4 rift and quartered White Oak? – Yes, Baillie has a strong and steady rift and quartered White Oak program. We develop 4/4 rift and quartered White Oak in almost all grades including FAS, 1 Common and 2 Common.

If you have a question about hardwood lumber ask us. We would be happy to help in any way we can!

Tony Cimorelli
Baillie Lumber Co.
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