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Red Grandis is not Lyptus

When we started distributing Red Grandis we were regularly asked, "what is the difference between Red Grandis and Lyptus?"  Generally, we answered by saying a lot.  Here are a few more details.

Red Grandis 005Lyptus is an umbrella brand name for several species of Eucalyptus.  It is mainly a hybrid between Eucalyptus Urophylla and Eucalyptus  Grandis which is mostly referred to as Urograndis. This hybrid product was developed with the production of cellulose which is not necessarily the best for high quality hardwood lumber. The logs for Lyptus are also sourced from different plantations across Brazil which usually results in some inconsistencies in the color and density.

Red Grandis is also a plantation growth hardwood but it is a single species.  It is 100% Eucalyptus Grandis. Red Grandis is grown and distributed by Urufor, a vertically integrated company that grows, harvests, produces and exports from Uruguay.

Urufor has decades of experience in developing Red Grandis and is a company that continues to make improvements.

Over the past few years, Red Grandis has become known in the United States market as a product that is 100% FSC Certified, consistent because of its one species; one plantation; one mill production approach and as a product that machines and finishes very well.

Red Grandis is readily available in 4/4, 5/4, 6/4 and 8/4 thicknesses and is now a hardwood lumber product that is used widely for cabinets, millwork, windows, doors and furniture. 

If you are considering using Red Grandis in one of your hardwood lumber products let us know. Baillie Lumber Co. is proud to be an authorized distributor of Red Grandis from Urufor and would welcome the chance to discuss options with you.

Jesper Bach
Baillie Lumber Co.
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