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Could now be the time for Ipe Decking?

Could now be the perfect time to consider Ipe Decking?  Over the last fifteen years, we in the United States have seen a dramatic increase in the popularity of Ipe Decking. And as Ipe Decking grew in popularity so did its price. However, recent developments in the local Brazilian economy, fluctuations in exchange rate and a slow European market have led to some much lower pricing than we have seen in quite a few years. So could now be an ideal time to consider Ipe for Decking?

Ipe lumber, sourced mainly from Brazil, (which is why some refer to it as Brazilian Walnut), is ideal for almost all applications that need a weather resistant hardwood.  We see Ipe being used as siding, in outdoor furniture, in boardwalks, for piers and even ipe-decking-freshfencing.  Now a days it is also not just for exterior use. Ipe has gained popularity in high end furniture and interior hardwood flooring because of its beautiful color and contrasting tones. But Ipe is still best known for its use in decking.

Over the last several months, the purchase price for Ipe has fallen by as much as 25%.  Providers in South America are offering new fresh stock to us weekly.  Many sizes are available with the main sizes being 1 x 6” and 5/4 x 6”. Many times we can also offer mixed containers with 2 x 8”, 2 x 10”, or other sizes all for fairly prompt shipment.

We at Baillie Lumber feel extremely fortune to have been able to build strong long lasting relationships with reliable and responsible producers in Brazil.  This is key to making sure the lumber complies with all international and US regulations for working with tropical hardwoods and decking. Almost all of the Ipe Decking we import today ships directly from Brazil to our customers all over the US. We also ship direct from the supplier to the end user when possible to ensure our customers receive a product that is as “fresh” as possible.

It is hard to tell if the prices will regain some strength in the next couple of months, but right now is definitely an opportune time to purchase some lower priced inventory for prompt shipment.

So why not consider Ipe? It could be an excellent choice for you and the timing could be right!  Let us know if we can help. We would welcome the conversation.

Jesper Bach
Baillie Lumber Co.
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