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Why would you buy hardwood lumber rips?

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Is it just me or are people talking more and more about buying ripped hardwood lumber blanks? Moulder blanks, exact width cabinet parts, face frame and even S4S products come up in our hardwood lumber conversations with our customers more frequently these days. So why?

Buying ripped hardwood lumber is not a new concept. Hardwood lumber suppliers have been ripping lumber and providing it to customers for decades.  However there does seem to be an increased demand lately.Hardwood rips

The way we see it these conversations are increasing because it is all about continuing to help customers save.  As costs to manufacture continue to escalate buying more appropriate lumber for your business can have a positive impact on the overall production costs.

As we like to say “everyone rips”!  It is traditionally one of the first activities in the manufacturing process.  Almost everyone has to refine and convert the rough random width hardwood lumber boards into fixed width dimensions that work for their manufacturing process.  So it is natural to ask why not order and receive only the widths that work best for you.

Using straight line ripped 2 edge hardwood (SLR2E) lumber allows customers to:

    • - Receive more usable lumber per load maximizing freight costs.
    • - Leave more of the unwanted waste at the mill and decrease waste removal costs.
    • - Decrease warehouse storage space tied up by unusable parts.
    • - Reduce the need for employees to re-handle and sort lumber and save labor costs.

Ripped hardwood lumber doesn’t have to mean just squaring up one edge and leaving it at that.  Hardwood ripping solutions today can be developed into grades that include certain percentages of clear lengths and color or characteristic requirements. 

When was the last time you considered ordering ripped-to-width lumber to supplement or enhance your existing production? If it has been awhile let us know if you would like to discuss some recent industry best practices.  We would love to hear from you!

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