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Can you find Prime White Oak in 10” and wider sorts?

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The various requests we get asking to package hardwood lumber in different ways is always an interesting thing to analyze. Over time, manufacturers that utilize hardwood lumber in their production process have come to realize that ordering lumber in packages other than random widths and lengths helps them save time and money.  And when possible, we like to do it!

However, some hardwood lumber sorts are easier to  produce then others.  Why? Because of the way trees grow, the ways they are harvested and the amount of demand there is in a particular species.white oak tree

Take for example a specific hardwood lumber sort such as 10” and wider Prime White Oak.  Certain customers such as moulding and millwork manufactures might find this product highly desirable.  Manufacturers could see the wide clear lengths as a perfect size for a decorative cornice or special architectural moulding. But finding the material for mass production is not always possible.  Why?  Basically because you have to find a supplier that processes enough White Oak lumbereach month to be able to accumulate enough volume to create a load or two every thirty days.

American white oak trees usually reach maturity at about 85 to 100 feet tall. Their trunks are usually two to three feet in diameter at the base and taper as they grow taller.  What that means in the sawing process is that the average width boards of after sawing is typically between 6” and 8”.  Our experience indicates that less than 5% of logs sawn can produce finished board widths greater than 10” and wide in the grade of Prime.  Therefore finding a supplier that can steadily produce 10” White Oak Prime means you have to find someone who has both access to quality logs and high volumes of them month-in and month-out.

Baillie Lumber does provide customers 10” and wider Prime White Oak.  We usually do this by providing a custom lumber solution for a customer and we work with our customer’s to understand the frequency and volumes required over a long period of time.  If you are looking for new ways to source specialty sorts like this, or others, let us know.  We would be happy to try to help!

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