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Ripping tropical hardwood lumber. Yes, we do it!

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Ripping hardwood lumber is typically one of the first actions in the conversion process of taking traditional random width hardwood lumber and making it usable in the manufacturing process.  Whether it is conducting a SLR1E or SLR2E process, manufacturers are ripping hardwood lumber all the time.

SLR2E hardwood ripsMany of the North American hardwood lumber manufacturers can provide their products in a ripped format.  From ash to white oak, hardwood rips or moulder blanks are commonly offered.  However, what if you use imported tropical hardwoods.  Can you buy those species ripped to width?  The simple answer is yes.  Tropical hardwood lumber can be provided as an exact width hardwood lumber product as well. The trick might be just getting the lumber to a supplier location that has a rip saw.

We can provide species such as red grandis, sapele, African mahogany and jatoba in SLR2E exact width sizes just like we can North American species like hard maple, cherry, red oak and walnut. Many times these species are provided in mixed load shipments. It is commonly provided as part of planned program business. This is because regular availability and supply of both tropical hardwoods and ripped products are critical to the stability of our customers manufacturing process.  Customers count on us to be able to supply the material they need to make their products and be successful when and where they need it.

So the next time you are ordering tropical hardwood lumber from your supplier see if ordering it ripped to the exact width you need first would benefit you.

Contact us if you have any questions. We provide ripped to width hardwoods from many of our locations and would be happy to help develop a program that works for you.

Tony Cimorelli
Baillie Lumber
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