What is Inside a Bundle of our Hard Maple Rips?

ben garder analysisWe hired a student from Penn State's Forestry program as summer intern to conduct an analysis on our Hard Maple hardwood rip products. The objective to was document and verify what our customers can expect when purchasing a load of rips from us.

As part of the analysis the following sample size was used for auditing purposes:

  • 3,008 pieces of 70% Usable & Better Hardwood Rips
  • 2,337 pieces of Clear 1 Face 2 Edge Hardwood Rips

Our findings revealed the following results.


C1F2E Hard Maple
Rip Analysis 
70% Usable & Better
Hard Maple Rip Analysis
  • 97% were wane free
  • 97% were 90%+ sapwood 2 face
  • 96% were split free


   *All boards evaluated from the worst face

  • 96% were split free
  • 85% were 90%+ sapwood 2 face
  • 83% were wane free
  • 24% of a load contains 100% clear 2 face boards

    *All boards evaluated from the worst face

Additional Details

  • 84% were Clear 2 Face
  • 14% had less than a 0.5"
    defect on the worst face
  •   6% hade more than a 0.5"
    defect on the worst face.

 Additional Details

  • 4-6' lengths    ave. 84% usable fiber
  • 6-8' lengths    ave. 78% usable fiber
  • 9-10' lengths  ave. 82% usable fiber
  • 11-12' lengths ave.80% usable fiber


Baillie Lumber's Hardwood Lumber Ripping Division is a separate sales group of Baillie Lumber Co. We produce moulder ready blanks for many business sectors including cabinet makers, flooring companies, furniture manufacturers, moulding manufacturers and more.

Why Baillie For Your Ripped-to-Width Hardwood Lumber?

  • We help you purchase in the exact lumber you need and use.
  • We are a supplier you can depend on.
  • We have large inventories which insure you have supply through all market conditions.
  • We maintain state-of-the-art technology that achieves industry leading yields.
  • We help streamline your production and turn variable costs into fixed costs.

We would be happy to share with you more of the details of these studies and our program.  Contact us today!

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Baillie Lumber Ripping Division
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