Forest Policy Statement

Baillie conducts its business in accordance with sound environmental practices that emphasize sustainable forest management.

Baillie and its partners rely primarily on private landowners who own 57% of the timberland in the United States to supply our facilities with raw materials. Most of these lands are intensively managed by professional foresters who practice sustainable forest management. The U.S. Forest Service's most recent study indicates that these hardwood forests are growing more wood each year than is lost to fire, insects, disease and harvesting. Collectively, in all Baillie hardwood forests, sustainable forest management has resulted in nearly twice as much new hardwood growth than is removed through harvesting.

Baillie's commitment to sustainable forest management means that harvest levels should not exceed what the forest grows and should not degrade future growth capability. Each of our sawmill locations has a Certified Forester® on its staff who is board certified by the Society of American Foresters. Much of our lumber comes from the Appalachian Hardwood Forest, a region that the U.S. Forest Service has verified as benefiting from sustainable forest management. Baillie also actively supports many state and national forestry trade associations, forestry groups, colleges and universities, and forest landowner groups dedicated to the advancement of sustainable forest management.

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