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This is a list of recent books I have read that I believe have significant business value.  If you are looking for a business book to read I would recommend one of the following.

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    --  Jeff Meyer

Jeff's Recommended Reading List

 atomic habits image

Atomic Habits by James Clear

"In his book James Clear presents a compelling case for habits being the primary driver of change and growth in our lives, and lays out a simple plan for forming effective habits."


convert cows

Covert Cows and Chick-fil-A by Steve Robinson

"In the book, Steve Robinson identifies three broad categories of activities that have created Raving Fans for


good company

Good Company by Arthur M. Blank

"The book is an easy read, and shares a variety of interesting stories and anecdotes from Arthur’s business and philanthropic life.  But one theme in particular from the book really resonated with me: Arthur’s relentless focus, I would even say fixation, on staying close to the customer."



Organizing Genius by Warren Bennis

"Lots of good stuff on how effective groups work, but for me, the most interesting takeaways were the insights on leadership."




Never Split The Difference  by Chris Voss

“While these techniques are importtant for a negotiator, they are also very important for a person who simply wants to get along with people better and live life more successfully."

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Small Giants   by Bo Burlingham

“I'm not saying I'm going to stop driving for revenue growth in our business, but reading Small Giants made me realize growth isn't the only thing that's important"

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The Paradox of Generosity   by Christian Smith and Hilary Davidson

“I encourage you to think about how "the paradox of generosity" applies to you."

Passion for Leadership


A Passion for Leadership   by Robert Gates

In my opinion, government and academia are two of the hardest arenas in which to drive change.  Robert Gates was successful in both, so I think he’s worth listening to."



Good Leaders Ask Great Questions   by John Maxwell


“This book got me thinking about the value of spending less time telling people things and more time asking them questions."



The Open Organization   by Jim Whitehurst

“This book reminded me of how important a strong purpose, that resonates and inspires, is for your organization."




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