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Trusting Us to Get the Job Done Right

In a recent meeting, one of our potential ripped-to-width customers expressed his frustration with his company’s inability to efficiently and effectively produce blanks.

He claimed, “We’re just not good at ripping wood.” It was clear during our meeting that the customer was struggling with keeping people and selling everything their rough mill created. DSC2290 Medium

Trust is one of the most important aspects of a functioning business relationship. We know that you need trust to guarantee that your orders are being cut to the specs that you desire, and your trust is something we always work hard to earn.

The advantage of choosing ripped to width:

  • Outsourcing people; this will allow you to assign your employees to other important tasks.
  • Buying what you need; your goal is to grow sales, not your overhead costs.
  • Access to a large inventory to draw from.
  • A trusted business partner to help continually refine your raw materials processes.

We may not be perfect, but we appreciate any opportunity to earn your trust.

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