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Why hardwood blanks can work for rustic white oak plank flooring

One of the more common wide plank flooring styles is rustic white oak.  We've seen our customers make wide plank white oak flooring in various finishes and styles that accent the grains, sound knots and general character of a rustic product. Rustic white oak is often used for colonial decor, an Old English look or a tavern or bar floor type finish.

white oak rips 7inchBut wide plank rustic white oak provides a specific challenge.  Most flooring plants run 2 common and 3 common random width white oak in their manufacturing facilities.  In those instances, the amount of wide boards in the bundles averages just about 20% of the overall load. Accumulating enough usable fiber to complete a wide plank order could leave manufacturer in an overstocked position of less desirable lumber such as narrow widths.

However, a better solution could be to order ripped white oak rustic blanks in the exact width that you require.  In doing so you can improve your lumber utilization yields and avoid producing narrow products.   Flooring manufacturers with multiple wide plank products can also purchase multiple exact width sizes per load which can assist with productivity, (since moulders run faster that ripsaws), and inventory management issues as well.

Rustic white oak is a popular hardwood lumber product.  Purchasing it in a hardwood rip form could be of value.  If this is something that might interest you please give us a call.

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