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Four Considerations for When to Source Exact Width Rips from a Hardwood Lumber Supplier

Cabinet, moulding and flooring manufacturers that produce products from hardwood lumber have become increasingly automated and technologically advanced.  Today’s high speed moulders and saws have helped many companies develop a advantage by enabling them to better manage their raw material costs and lumber inventories.

However, even with today’s advanced systems and technology companies can still realize a benefit by supplementing their own production by ordering in specific sized rips from their hardwood lumber supplier.  When we work with our customers we find the top four reasons manufacturers consider purchasing exact width hardwood rips from us fall into one of these major categories.

ripped-boardKnow exactly what your costs are – No two bundles of random hardwoods are exactly alike; we all know that.  Estimating the yields on how a load of hardwood lumber will work through your production process is not easy.  When you work with ripped to width blanks you achieve more predictable results and remove significant amount of guessing out of your estimating process.

Match your incoming lumber with what parts of your production are selling – All products experience spikes or declines in market demand.  Whether it be seasonality or just normal product life cycle variations, when our customers struggle with keeping their production up to increased product demand they overcome this challenge by ordering in hardwood blanks. This increases production by bypassing the random width conversion process and enables them to feed fiber directly into the next phase of production helping them increase overall production.

Avoid paying money to ship edge waste and saw dust – You can only fit so much lumber on a truck or in a container.  If you pack it with random width lumber that you will rip to size, you are in essence paying freight to ship edge waste and sawdust you don’t have to. Be cognizant of the costs you incur for shipping random lumber. Especially if your freight ranges in the $150/M+ range. Over time this can add up to significant dollars and be reduced by ordering in hardwood rips that are moulder ready for your operation.

Avoid creating unusable hardwood lumber inventory – When our customers choose to order in random width lumber they often times rip the material themselves and store a portion of the board, which is still valuable, for potential future use.  This is typically the preferred choice instead of including it with their waste.  However, in doing so they may also be increasing the amount of dead or unusable lumber inventory in their warehouse.  When they convert to hardwood rips they reduce the need to inventory unusable parts and help drive out warehouse operating efficiencies at the same time.

So if you are looking for ways to improve production, gain efficiencies or just reduce manufacturing costs, maybe we can help you from a hardwood lumber procurement perspective.  Give us a call. We would welcome the chance to discuss.

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