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Shifting Risk with Rips.

Buying random width lumber can be a little risky.  Traditional industry grading rules define “ranges” of lumber acceptability.  Within each grade range there can be loads that fit well for your manufacturing process, and loads that don’t fit too well.

Sometimes, in today’s fast paced, frantic mode of doing business one can forget to communicate a key specification or quality characteristic to their hardwood lumber supplier.  Sometimes some buyers could miss-judge their yield results.  Or sometimes, due to various personnel issues, a manufacturer might have to trust their valuable raw material to a less than qualified saw operator.… all risky stuff.Hardwood Rips, SLR2E

Some manufacturers absorb situations like this as a cost of doing business.  They inventory unusable parts for potential future use and never realize a return. They re-handle lumber and use valuable man hours resorting.   Maybe they scrap the hardwood lumber all together and consider it waste.   However, it really doesn’t have to be.  If converting random width lumber into specific exact widths is one of your first manufacturing activities, maybe purchasing hardwood rips instead of random lumber could benefit you.

When you purchase rips,  you are paying your supplier to take on your production challenges!  You are paying them to get it right, and when it’s not right, you can look for a suitable resolution. In essence, you shift the risk from your manufacturing process and people to your supplier. 

This creates value for you in many ways. It allows you to manage your inventory turns better. It prevents you from storing unusable lumber. It allows you to reduce your waste removal costs.  It also allows you to potentially reduce your lumber handling costs and redeploy employees to more valuable activities within your plant.

We help customers shift some of their manufacturing risk to us by ordering in SLR2E hardwood rips all the time.  Perhaps you should consider this as well.  We have the equipment, the expertise, and access to a reliable source of hardwood fiber all the time!  In doing so you might find it helps increase your productivity and margins. 

If you are interested in discussing ways in which you might be able to do this, let us know.  We would be happy to discuss ideas with you.

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