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Grow sales, not overhead.

Imagine your plant is operating at an efficient 85% of its capacity.  Then imagine that a new sales opportunity presents itself that would require you to push your capabilities well beyond 100%.  It would be a great opportunity to increase sales and certainly one that would be tempting to grab and run with.

But what are the risks? What if you overcommit your plant? Would you put your company in risk of losing hard earned trust with existing clients that count on you to deliver? 

You would probably consider bringing on extra shifts, (a potential costly option and one that takes a significant amount of time to ramp up), or you would dig deep to find ways to become even more efficient in the plant.   If you create products from hardwoods, one option you charwdood-ripping-bundle-stackingan explore to reliably increase production would be to explore pre-ripped hardwood blanks that can augment your own production and get more fiber through your plant.

Most woodworking plants are laid out to plane / S2S boards then rip them. Once that is complete, the boards are then fed into high speed moulders for processing.   We find that the surfacing and ripping cells are typically places that require manpower to handle the lumber, a machine operators time to evaluate the best cuts available and probably additional personnel to handle and transfer the lumber which can be time consuming.  However, many time this cell can be bypassed by ordering in exact width moulder blanks.

Cabinet, flooring, and moulding manufacturers have found that they can increase production by shifting their sourcing strategy to ordering pre-ripped moulder blanks.  By ordering in the exact widths and grades of SLR2E hardwood, manufacturers have found they can increase their production capacity significantly and manufacture and sell more finished product without buying more machinery or hiring additional employees.

If you manufacture with hardwoods and would have the chance to sell more product if you could only produce more, maybe we can help.  Contact us today let's have a discussion.

Bob Uglow
Baillie Lumber Hardwood Ripping Division
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