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Swings in hardwood lumber pricing and supply?

How do you manage the swings in hardwood lumber pricing and supply?

As we continue to develop our ripped to width customer base, and expand our offerings one thing is becoming very clear ... Manufacturers that see the value in supplementing their current raw material with ripped to width hardwood lumber are equally concerned with availability of supply over longer time horizons.

And what a difference a year makes!  Think back to roughly a year ago. Spply was harder to source and managing hardwood lumber inventory was difficult.  A year later the situation is vastly different.  Markets are cooler now, supply is easier to find and pricing has softened.  But anyone with a little history in the industry knows this will change again.  It seems the new norm is dramatic swings in supply and demand, which can make it difficult to manage a business.  So how do you assure your company will be prepared the next time the market takes a dramatic swing?

If you are a company that sees value in ordering ripped to width hardwoods perhaps you can benefit from doing business with a company that operates in all aspects of hardwood lumber supply chain? Perhaps you can benefit from utlizing a supplier is invovled with the sawing of green lumber all the way to producing kiln dried ripped hardwood products. When your supplier has access to a consistent and reliable source of green lumber, can manufacture boards inclusive of kiln drying and ripped to width production, you can develop a longer term approach to pricing and supply than you can on the open market.

Fortunately, Baillie Lumber is a company that does just that.  We own and operate an expanding sawmill base, numerous kiln drying yards and ripsaw operations that help us provide consistent hardwood blanks for our customers. Prices will rise and they will fall,  however a consistent,  reliable source can be more valuable now than ever!  If you are interested in more information please contact us today.  We would be happy to discuss what we can do to help you succeed.

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