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Too Many Sales

The Customer's Problem: Too Many Sales.

My customer was looking for help.  He said, "We are experiencing too many sales and we cannot produce our finished product fast enough."  “These are good problems to have!” I said. 

This manufacturer successfully increased product sales and was now encountering the issue of not being able to manufacturer fast enough to keep up with demand.  He had a  bottleneck at his ripsaw and it was hurting his ability to keep up with orders.

ripped-bundles-shortSo how did we help?  After discussing his process, we suggested using SLR2E hardwood blanks. We were able to send in a load of rips that helped him get through his backlog.   This eliminated a full step in their process enabling the customer to improve their existing hardwood lumber throughput and increase their overall parts production significantly! 

If the conversion of random lumber to usable parts is causing you manufacturing bottlenecks let us know. Maybe we can help you find a way to solve the problem.

Bob Uglow
Baillie Ripping Division
Hamburg, NY
Cell: 407-496-4146
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