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If You Share You Get More!

I am sure many of us have heard this little phrase as a child or have told our children and grandchildren a variation of it.  Sharing is a concept that can help many people.  We feel this also holds true in the manufacturing and use of ripped hardwood lumber.

Typically one of the first steps in today's  manufacturing process is the conversion of random width lumber to exact-widths.  Every company's dimensional needs are as unique as the company's that create them.   As companies process lumber to their preferred widths there is waste in the form of either true edgewaste and sawdust or in the form of less profitable or, slower selling widths ….. So wouldn’t it be great if all your hardwood lumber boards produced exactly what you needed them to be or what was most profitable for you? 

Well it can be!ripping-operator-hardwood-lumber

A good way to explain what Baillie Lumber’s Hardwood Ripping division does is finding ways to share a single random width board with multiple customs. What this does is allow manufacturers to receive only the widths that work best for their business.

For example, if a flooring company only wants a 3.5” width, we will rip each random board and give them only what they require.  We’ll use other aspects of the board to create 1.75” strips for a cabinet maker which meets his requirements for faceframes and maybe even create some 6” strips with the extra or the off-fall for a company that needs to make S4S.

By doing this we maximize the use of the lumber, provide customers only the widths they can use so they can be more productive and increase lumber yields for everyone as each entity reduces waste!  Just as importantly, customers can eliminate variation in component costs, improve process efficiencies through tighter scheduling and eliminate slow turning inventory.  All of which have positive impact on cash-flow and profits!!

What widths really drive your P&L and work best for your manufacturing process? Let us know! Maybe we can match your needs with another one of our customer’s and share a board!

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