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Ripping Red Grandis and other Tropical Species

Helping customers with their ripped hardwood lumber needs has been an increasing focus for Baillie Lumber over the last year.  While working with different manufacturers across the country we have seen interesting uses, applications, and species choices in production with our customers.

Recently one of the interesting options we were asked for was our ability to rip-to-width Red Grandis hardwood lumber for a specific cabinet maker.

Red Grandis is a plantation grown, environmentally friendly and 100% FSC certified solid hardwood from Uruguay.  Developed by Urufor, Red Grandis is ideally suited for higher end residential and commercial applications.  Its price point (competitive with Cherry), unique grain characteristics, and ease of staining makes Red Grandis an excellent substitute for higher priced tropicals.  Its price stability is also a positive, as prices tend to be more steady over long periods of time.

ripping hardwood lumberRed Grandis is usually found with an excellent percentage of clear lengths and is perfect for mouldings, cabinet parts, and even flooring transition strips.

Red Grandis is just one example of the many tropical hardwood lumber species Baillie can rip-to-width for customers.

Our Hardwood Ripping Division has also been actively  providing customers hardwood rips in Red Oak, White Oak, Hard Maple, Cherry and Poplar.  Ask us about our current inventories available for prompt shipment or contact us to discuss a customers inventory program designed around your exact widths and delivery intervals.

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