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Can I avoid making strip flooring?

It is almost a consensus that the strip flooring market is a tough one to make money in.  Competition is fierce and profit margins are tight.  When I talk to flooring manufacturers most of them say that if they had their choice they would stay out of the strip flooring market entirely if they could avoid it.   For most, this segment of the flooring market represents a necessary evil, a product that must be manufactured in order to make the more profitable sizes.

But does it have to be that way?  Not really… 

Opposite to the flooring industry, we find that other industry sectors consider a narrow hardwood lumber blank to be more valuable.  Companies that manufacture cabinets, picture frames, handrails and mouldings use narrow widths regularly.  Our approach is to combine the needs of the different market segments that use hardwood lumber and develop the widths for many, across a particular production run on our rip line.   When we do this we ship our clients only the blanks they desire.  In essence, we share a single board across various different companies, provide our customers only the  widths that maximize their profits,  and leave the waste at our mill!

So what size widths work best for you? 

What ripped-to-width hardwood lumber would you benefit best from?ripsaw overview

Let us know. 

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