Augusta Lumber 

augusta lumber 2The Baillie Lumber locations located in Virginia are known as Augusta Lumber.  The hardwood manufacturing facilities are located in the heart of the Appalachian forest and produce more than 60 million board feet of lumber annually.

The hardwood lumber concentration yard located in Waynesboro, Virginia, is the primary shipping location for all kiln dried lumber. 

Augusta Lumber has a reputation of producing some of the finest Appalachian hardwoods in the industry.

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Main Species: Walnut, Red Oak, White Oak

Time Zone: Eastern Time Zone


  • Waynesboro, VA - Concentration Yard
  • Amissville, VA - Hardwood Sawmill
  • Lexington, VA - Hardwood Sawmill
  • North Garden, VA - Hardwood Sawmill
  • Warm Springs, VA - Hardwood Sawmill
  • West Point, VA - Hardwood Sawmill




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