Finding the right lumber shouldn't be that hard! Leave your frustration and
anxiety behind and move forward with confidence by choosing Baillie Lumber!

Hardwood Lumber

Access to the a vast supply of imported and domestic species.

Hardwood Logs

Saw logs, veneer logs we have them all available for domestic or export shipment!

Ripped to Width Lumber

Moulder ready blanks. SLR2E ripped to your specification. We consider all sizes and all species!

Moulded S4S Boards

Moulded S4S boards in most major species!

This is why...

Succeeding in business is hard. Buying your hardwoods shouldn’t be! At the Baillie Group, we make it simple and easy. Our unmatched supply and industry expertise, together with our passion to serve, ensures you access to the right hardwoods at the right price and time.

Don’t waste time and energy worrying about your hardwood needs. Instead, trust us as your hardwood advisor so you can focus your attention on more pressing issues. Leave your frustration and anxiety behind and move forward with confidence by choosing the Baillie Group as your hardwood supplier.

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Quality Hardwood Lumber!

Tropical Hardwoods

Africa, Asia, Central & South American Species

S4S Moulded Boards

Most major species available.

Hardwood Logs

Buying and selling year round!

What We Do

Baillie Lumber is a global leader in providing hardwood lumber to manufacturers and distributors that serve them. Our species availability and consistent, reliable supply help us ensure our customers succeed!

We provide all the major North American species as well as some of the most popular tropical hardwoods from Africa, Central & South America.

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