Tony Cimorelli

For the past several years Baillie Lumber has benefited from hiring part-time summer office help for those months between May and September.   

These seasonal employees, usually a combination of college students and young area professionals, help Baillie complete special projects and keep pace with the standard work load as full time employees take vacations. 

This year a majority of the summer work team helped out in our export documentation and logistics departments. 

"It is always great to have an influx of summer help", commented Jim McCauley leader of operations at Baillie Lumber.  "Each year they bring excitement, enthusiasm, and new ideas to our workplace."

Many times, besides the obvious benefit of addiional earnings, these summer employees benefit by being exposed to the nuances of business.  As one summer employee put it, "I have learned how important communication is in business. Whether it is between employees here in the office or with salespeople across the ocean, the better people communicate the more productive business will be."

It is almost a consensus that the strip flooring market is a tough one to make money in.  Competition is fierce and profit margins are tight.  When I talk to flooring manufacturers most of them say that if they had their choice they would stay out of the strip flooring market entirely if they could avoid it.   For most, this segment of the flooring market represents a necessary evil, a product that must be manufactured in order to make the more profitable sizes.



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