Tony Cimorelli

The Customer's Problem: Too Many Sales.

My customer was looking for help.  He said, "We are experiencing too many sales and we cannot produce our finished product fast enough."  “These are good problems to have!” I said. 

For some time now the trend in hardwood lumber has been increased product customization and more specialized sorts.  However,  sometimes customers prefer to order a truly random load of lumber with nothing pulled out of it.  Baillie Lumber has recognized this and in response has developed the new St. James brand!

The Baillie St. James hardwood lumber brand signifies to our customers that the product they are being delivered is a truly unselected random product.  It is our assurance to our customers that the lumber being provided is representative of the full run of the log and contains the full spectrum of widths and grade according to the traditional industry grading practices.  The Baillie St. James brand is only offered in red oak at this time, however, additional species are under consideration.

The Baillie St. Jamst-james-brandes hardwood lumber concentration yard is located in Galion Ohio and is in close proximity to some of the finest hardwood lumber resources in the country.  This facility can accommodate both domestic and export shipments.

For more information or our current St. James inventory and availability please contact your Baillie Lumber sales representative.

Baillie St. James Red Oak

      • Full run of the log production
      • Truly unselected lumber
      • Typically averages 8.0”+ widths throughout the bundle
      • Certain length separations available

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